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Lower Than Atlantis – English Kids in America

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Inbetweeners 2

Starring – Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, and loads of people that talk like the Fosters advert

What’s the crack? Hapless idiots Will, Simon and Neil head over to meet the bullshit spewing Jay on his gap year in ‘the sex capital of the world’ Australia, for some travelling and hijinks.

Why the fuck should I care? Because the last one was funny, a bit cringey and shit, but funny, and this one will make you piss pants yourself laughing. Jay is on top form with his make believe sex acts and success, and Will is pretty much a poster boy for failing with women, which provides some hilariously awkward situations. There’s also a trip to a waterpark which couldn’t go any worse and ends up being one of the highlights of the film. We suggest you go watch it, purely on the basis that there is something in there that anyone can relate to at some point or another in their life, because let’s face it… Life is a big, fucked up, messy, sticky, embarrassing comedy of learning curves and mistakes, which is what the writers of this film have nailed.

In a nutshell. AWKWARD BANTS DOWN UNDER (this is a joke, we don’t say Bants, go watch the film)

In cinemas right now

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Jason Park’s – Skateboard Wizard!

So basically all that crazy shit you did on Tony Hawks 7 when you mashed the buttons with your face… yeah that is actually possible!!!

We give you – Jason Park’s


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A Decade Under The Influence

It’s 10 years to the day that Taking Back Sunday released ‘Where You Want To Be’ and what a fucking great day that was.

There is almost too many Sunday/Decade lines we could have used here!!

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Pritchard vs Dainton – The Rise and Falls

This Premieres tonight and we have been told it’s 99% unseen footage – Winning!

If it’s anywhere near as rad as The Dirty Sanchez Movie then it’ll be placed on repeat in #FrontArmy HQ until a minimum of 10 visitors have been sick watching it, sick in a good way.

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The 6 year old child inside #FrontArmy just got so excited he tried to jump out via our arse, either that or the Curry we ate last night was brutal…


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Beards + Riffs + Hawaiian Shirts = Four Year Strong

So the new Four Year Strong EP is bloody good, so nice to have these burly bastards back in our lives!
Check out the video for ‘Go Down in History’

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Itch on Sonisphere, Guinness and the Drummer from Busted?

We took our girls Ally Tindsley and Poppy Knights to the boozy, sweaty metal fest that is Sonisphere. In between DIY Jägerbombs with strangers, being crushed in the night by tent fondling drunkards and slipping over in the portaloo piss stream, we managed to send Ally to catch up with Itch ahead of his performance on the satellite stage.

IMG_4109 copy


So, Itch! You’ve never been here before, how are you enjoying it so far?

Good! I’ve been here like an hour but its nice man, it’s a nice small, intimate heavy metal festival it’s nice. It’s my first one of the summer actually so I’m just getting back into the festival swing.

You got many others coming up then?

Fuck there’s loads, the next ones 2000 trees next week there’s a bunch, there’s a whole bunch.

Check it out… »

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