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Beards + Riffs + Hawaiian Shirts = Four Year Strong

So the new Four Year Strong EP is bloody good, so nice to have these burly bastards back in our lives!
Check out the video for ‘Go Down in History’

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Itch on Sonisphere, Guinness and the Drummer from Busted?

We took our girls Ally Tindsley and Poppy Knights to the boozy, sweaty metal fest that is Sonisphere. In between DIY Jägerbombs with strangers, being crushed in the night by tent fondling drunkards and slipping over in the portaloo piss stream, we managed to send Ally to catch up with Itch ahead of his performance on the satellite stage.

IMG_4109 copy


So, Itch! You’ve never been here before, how are you enjoying it so far?

Good! I’ve been here like an hour but its nice man, it’s a nice small, intimate heavy metal festival it’s nice. It’s my first one of the summer actually so I’m just getting back into the festival swing.

You got many others coming up then?

Fuck there’s loads, the next ones 2000 trees next week there’s a bunch, there’s a whole bunch.

Check it out… »

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We went to the 3 days of awesome that are Sonisphere Festival, we had to go through this footage to even remember what happened, that’s how good it was!!


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Front Strikes Back

We have been smashing our way through this new magazine like crazy, but due to all sorts of ‘business stuff’ and ‘the man’ etc, it’s taken longer than we’d hoped to get the newest issue of this sexy ass mag on the shelves. Don’t worry we are hoping you’ll have your filthy mitts on the mag in roughly a month…

To keep you all going, here’s Jo Evans attempting to work a can at our brand new shoot for the mag the other day

Peace out ‪#‎FrontArmy‬



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FRONT Magazine Subscriptions


We kept getting asked about the old subscriptions…. the answer is “YES We will honour them!“….

Now be ready to snap up the new issue when it comes out in May!!! Any queries relating to subscriptions, please email

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191 COVER 640px

Welcome to the eye-meltingly sexy FRONT 191 with the radtastic Rebecca Fox! This is her FIRST EVER covershoot for FRONT (beautifully enhanced by the one and only Buff Monster, illustration supremo) and you have to admit it’s the sexiest bloomin’ thing you’ve ever seen! But not only that, we’re packing some serious heat with…

  • Ten years of Kanye West’s idiocy.
  • Chad Muska talks to us about being the most talented skater ever.
  • Austin from Of Mice & Men answers our 20 Questions.
  • We found out, who the heck are The Hell?
  • We talk to the newest and prettiest face in hip-hop – Gavlyn.
  • Okami is this months incredible Alt Girl.
  • Robert Rodriguez gives his advice on winning at movies.
  • We welcome the stunning Zoe McGarry back to FRONT magazine.
  • Jeremy from A Day To Remember runs through his mixtape.
  • We take a look at the past 20(ish) years of pop-punk.


AND LOADS MORE! SO TAKE A LOOK INSIDE! Pick it up HERE or download it for your snazzy-ass digital devices HERE.

*PLEASE NOTE, the digital version of FRONT differs from the printed edition in terms of nudity due to Apple’s terms of service – we supply an alternative and exclusive edit of images not seen in the issue available from newsagents. So remember people – PRINT IS KING!!!

You can use our handy store locator to find your nearest newsagent that will stock the completely uncensored version of FRONT over HERE.
Or visit the FRONT Shop where we sell the current issue as well as back issues (subject to availability).

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There’s a new trend on YouTube (hey, remember when eating a spoonful of cinnamon was a thing?) of drinking two litres of Diet Coke in one go then burping it out in one. There’s a reasonable bunch on there, but this one from competitive eater/hip-hop artist Eric “Badlands” Booker is the total best. You can skip the first minute if you absolutely have to, but it’s worth sitting through to build suspense. What a burp. What a fucking burp.

If that’s not enough, take a look at the best fart in history HERE.

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If you didn’t already know, one of the world’s most exciting live acts called it a day recently and that sucks. We love The Chariot and have left countless venues bruised and broken from their mathy chaos, but all good things must end. Have a look at this video from their farewell tour and remind yourself just how fucking sick they were.

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