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Everything posted today might seem a little angry, you fucking bastards. That’s because we had our Christmas do last night and everyone got absolutely shitfaced. Only about a third of the team have made it in today, and those of us that are in aren’t exactly blowing minds in terms of productivity. We’re basically bullying the workie in order to get through it. The twat.

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Hey Tay! Your new album Weird Kids is out this month, what can you tell us about it?
It’s us. It’s a record that we wanted to release to finally identify ourselves. When people listen to it I want them to know that that’s who we are right now. We’re still gonna learn and we’re still gonna grow, but we’ve grown a lot over the past two years and I’m really excited about this. I say this about every record but there’s something in this one that’s more personal.

It’s called Weird Kids, were you the weird kids in school?
The weird kids title isn’t meant to be something. It just started because people call us weird all the time, even our fans come up to us and tell us we’re weird. It was something we kept hearing and just thought “Oh, we are kind of strange” but everyone in this industry is strange. You guys just took a load of goofy pictures of me and it’s normal. I feel like so many people take themselves so seriously in the music industry, which is fine for the odd moment, but to be that serious constantly must be exhausting.

You’ve also been invited to the Houses Of Parliament...
I’ve been invited to raise awareness of music and to get people involved. I feel like it’s a dying thing in schools but it’s an important thing for the youth.

Do you see yourself getting into politics?
A little bit. I have my own opinions for sure but I’m not one of those people that are extremely outspoken, but if I see something that I feel I should act on and I can because of my position – even if it’s utilising Twitter – then I will. But I wouldn’t shove something down someone’s throat, I just want people to be educated in what they’re deciding.

What rules would you bring in if you were in charge?
More candy. Sweets for all! And free dental care cos you’ll need it.

Now you’re two albums in, are you more casual about what you do for a living?
It is what it is. I go home and try to live the normal life my friends do but I’m such an oddball in that area. I forget to check my mail, I forget to lock the door, there’s little things like that where I feel I don’t belong there ha ha! Being the singer in We Are The In Crowd is absolutely where I’m meant to be.

Do you still live at home?
I’ve got my own place in the same quiet town I grew up in – I think we have two traffic lights. I love coming home to it but I guess it’s everything in moderation. When we’re out touring all the time it’s nice to come home to something quiet. The farmland and the woods, that’s where I belong.

You guys have exploded since the debut album, what advice would you give your past self?
Keep learning and always ask questions. If I’m every unsure about something I’ll ask which I think is really important. I grew up knowing that if you’re gonna do something you should do it right. You need to learn from your mistakes, especially in this industry. Everything is constantly changing and you have to play catchup so if you’re not moving with it you’re gonna get left behind.

You’re still a really young band, is it weird hanging out with bands you grew up with?
When we’re at a festival and meet a band that we look up to, there’s a switch that turns on and you realise that they’re exactly like you and just admire them more than idolise them. You realise you can actually be friends, hang out, and learn a lot from them because they’ve been there. There’s things I can ask the guys in Yellowcard whereas my friends at home won’t know what to say to me.

You mentioned that the music biz is constantly changing, where do you think this resurgence in pop-punk has come from?
A lot of bands are coming back – Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Paramore – with their pop-rock/pop-punk roots and it’s bringing people out of the woodwork who ordinarily wouldn’t give younger bands a chance. It’s what happens every time – since Daft Punk came back all these DJs have come up out of nowhere. Right now it’s a really good time for us and I’m so happy we’re releasing a record in the middle of it because timing is everything.

How did you get into pop-punk originally?
My brother and his friends. I didn’t know a lot of the music in our genre until a couple of years ago. I was a super pop fan, and Bob Marley, it was a weird mix. I love Alicia Keys, I love Pink, I love those strong female vocals and musically that’s what I liked. I’m a sucker for harmonies. When we first started touring I didn’t know a lot of Blink 182 songs and that blew peoples’ minds. I didn’t know a lot about that whole world which was great cos when we started writing it was all so fresh in my mind I kind of went crazy.

Punk tours always seem pretty fucking bonks, what’s the gnarliest thing you’ve seen?
The gnarliest thing I’ve seen with my own eyes was this girl who got way too drunk at side stage watching a band, but this was in an ampitheatre so it was a concrete floor and she just fell flat down on her face like a board. You just heard this crunch and I actually felt nauseas. She had a bloody nose and she was fine, but she just got that wasted. It’s so hot out there I feel like telling everyone they’re all idiots and they need to drink water.

Do you find yourself acting more boyish when around loads of punk bands?
I like being a girl and I like doing girl things but it’s so much easier just to put on a sweater, sweatpants and sneakers. I’d play a show in my pyjamas if I could.

You guys are massive on all social media, there are Tumbr’s dedicated to just you, how does that feel?
It’s weird when my family come across things like that. They’ll just be on YouTube or something and our video will pop up at the side. But our band in particular has a lot going on frm our fans but I think that’s because we’re so active on it. Because we haven’t put a record out in so long it was all our fans had – we made sure to always to Q&As, post lots of pictures on Instagram, write blogs. We try to do as much as we can so they don’t get bored because it’s so easy to get bored now. Hopefully nobody has gotten sick of us and this record will surpass their expectations of We Are The In Crowd.

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