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Last week we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Davos with O’Neill for their 2013 Evolution snowboarding event. We managed to drink our bodyweight in booze while the O’Neill team desperately tried to teach us how to stand up on a snowboard. Apart from learning that horse meat isn’t a front page story in Switzerland, it was a piss up of British proportions.

History was made in the big air men’s finals with the first ever triple cork on European snow being pulled out from Big Air winner Maxence Parrot, as well as the first ever triple frontside rodeo from 15-year-old Kyle Mack.

Check out all the action from the weekend after the jump.

Kyle Mack’s frontside triple rodeo (Again, this dude’s only 15. What the fuck were we doing at 15? Fuck all.)

Maxence Parrot’s winning big air run.

Women’s big air final.

Half pipe final. It’s really fun to slide down the half pipe on your bum, especially when you take out a family and cameraman in the process.

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