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So Breaking Bad is almost over and you’re going to need something else to fill up your hungover Saturdays (and Sundays (and Mondays)) with, and we’ve got the best thing for you – Banshee. It’s an American TV Show and IT IS FUCKING FANTASTIC.

It’s about this bloke who comes out of prison after 15 years, then heads to this small Amish town and assumes the role of sheriff (long story – well, not actually long story, but we can’t be bothered to explain it here) and proceeds to beat all manner of living shit out of the bad guys. There’s LOADS more to it than that, but we’re not going to go into all of that because, again, we can’t be bothered. Oh and also we don’t want to ruin it for you, because it is great. We haven’t finished the series yet but it’s all we can think about – we haven’t even thought about food or cats or anything today.

All that’s left to say is YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS – it’s jam-packed with violence, sex and swearing, which we can all agree is a very good thing indeed.

It’s out on DVD 2 September.

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