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To celebrate the birthday of Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad and Malcolm In The Middle and sort of the best actor in the world, some clever YouTuber has put together this “1995 version” of the Breaking Bad opening credits. It’s amazing. God, telly’s moved on.

We met Bryan last year at a Breaking Bad art exhibition, and despite being mobbed by hundreds of phone-wielding nerds trying to get a photo with him, he was the nicest dude in the world. Yes, several of us numbered among these nerds. He dealt with it all like a big smooth cool bastard.

Happy birthday, Bryan. You fucking rule. You are the one who knocks. (Also, anyone reading this who’s never watched Breaking Bad, stop what you’re doing THIS FUCKING MINUTE and go and watch it all. Well, maybe skip the crap scenes with Marie stealing objects from houses – that plot goes fucking nowhere.)

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